Welcome to the Rocksmith Custom Song Project!

This project is an open source collaborative effort driven by enthusiasts of the Ubisoft® Rocksmith™ series. The goal of this project is to create a series of open source tools capable of generating song and chart files compatible with the Rocksmith™ software.

Custom songs are fully functional on all platforms (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3) for Rocksmith™ and Rocksmith™ 2014.

This project is not affiliated with Ubisoft® and/or the Rocksmith™ team. Uploading of software files, music, or other copyrighted content without express consent of the copyright holder is strictly forbidden.

Latest News
  • 22-Jan-2017

    Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit - Version Released.    Compatibilty upgraded for Remastered.   Click here for revision details and downloads: Release Notes

  • 11-Aug-2016

    Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit - Version Released.    Click here for revision details and downloads: Release Notes

  • 02-Dec-2013

    New Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit released with full support for create custom songs for Rocksmith 2014;

  • 01-Dec-2013

    The first development milestone achieved, all important issues are fixed like glitch in song play for consoles, special characteres in package and song creation and minor packages generation issues.

  • 26-Nov-2013

    Good news, almost techniques working now, vocal arrangement and automatic tone switching working good too.

  • 23-Nov-2013

    Great progress with (.sng) files, customs songs for RS 2014 are working better, but have a lot of missing fields and details to figure out.

  • 11-Nov-2013

    Toolkit now supports creation of custom song for RS 2014, but missing a lot of working with song file (.sng) that the devs. are working hard to figure out the new format.

  • 26-Oct-2013

    Packer/Unpacker feature of toolkit are now compatible with RS 2014 packages.

  • Latest release build - (rev 3d133c61)
    (Recommended for most users)

    Windows Mac Release Notes
  • Latest test build - (rev 12497195)
    Windows Mac

    Note: These builds are automatically built from the latest commits and have not been tested. Some functionality may be incomplete or missing.
  • Older builds are available on the Builds page.