Toolkit Builds

Branch Version Revision Date Download
master 37be67b8
- fixes to Debug w CLI configuration
2017-12-13 21:00:19 Windows Mac
master 5f9a8079
- code cleanup
2017-12-12 18:14:25 Windows Mac
master b8f9f7b5
- fixed PC to PS3 java detection
2017-12-12 16:34:56 Windows Mac
master 9c1c5260
Updated tuning definitions to support custom one by default testing ctd on my OS
2017-12-11 22:56:09 Windows Mac
master 282b0ef6
- Added reusable code DDCreator and DDCSettings to RocksmithToolkitLib - Added remastered and DD comments to Song Pack files
2017-12-11 18:53:30 Windows Mac
master 4438942a
- perma fix for empty AppId
2017-12-09 20:57:21 Windows Mac
master ad6e6022
- restore AppId
2017-12-09 16:11:00 Windows Mac
master ce334767
- fixed SNG->XML Vocals converter
2017-12-07 22:25:28 Windows Mac
master 1df2e6f9
- restore AssemblyInfo.cs files
2017-11-18 18:35:10 Windows Mac
master 2e775499
- added conditional check to Packer to ensure congruency between manifest and arrangement data
2017-11-13 16:18:14 Windows Mac
master 469b5fc4
-tweak Showlights to substitute valid MidiNotes for invalid MidiNotes
2017-11-06 21:39:03 Windows Mac
master 6463237b
- Added exception handler to AutoUpdater and Version calls.
2017-11-05 15:54:31 Windows Mac
master bf58aefc
- Fix Dev Test button visibility
2017-11-05 15:08:24 Windows Mac
master 1dd6c33a
Dev Testing - DO NOT USE
2017-11-05 14:22:52 Windows Mac
master a7bbf217
- Remove redundant ‘_DD’ from auto CDLC naming because all CDLC must have DD to work properly in Remastered. Retained ‘_NDD’ in auto naming in case Charter chooses not to add DD to CDLC.
2017-11-04 15:04:20 Windows Mac