Toolkit Builds

Branch Version Revision Date Download
master 5f94ebd8
- Updates to how SongVolume is handled - Preserve existing XML comments and ensure compatibility with EOF
2018-05-22 13:12:02 Windows Mac
master 70c25800
- bnk SongVolume reader polishing - establish better default constants for audio and preview volumes
2018-05-20 15:26:53 Windows Mac
master 82226a9c
- fixed bnk SongVolume reader so that it works properly with all platforms - some code re-beautification
2018-05-17 20:29:33 Windows Mac
master d894fd41
- fixed issue reading bnk when converting CDLC to console
2018-05-17 13:14:29 Windows Mac
master b9068318
- allow for positive SongVolume - temporary CDLC Converter work around for SongVolume
2018-05-16 17:43:09 Windows Mac
master ece1a0ed
Merge pull request #310 from ozars/master Add repack folder button to Repacker/Unpacker interface (#308)
2018-04-18 05:01:23 Windows Mac
master 3eec13cd
Merge pull request #309 from iminashi/master Some improvements to the core library of the toolkit
2018-04-14 17:36:05 Windows Mac
master fc7a218f
Bring toolkit back
2018-03-18 09:45:54 Windows Mac
master 7f8eace6
- sync local repo
2018-03-13 20:41:37 Windows Mac
master 82e47ea8
Better way to have new fields inplace
2017-12-28 18:36:56 Windows Mac
master b89f2529
Added Japanese artist field (testing) Fixed #292
2017-12-26 21:53:08 Windows Mac
master f06a9a5e
Added Japanese Song Name option Added all fourth custom tuning Fixed nt ghraph vocals relpath and logpath Changed refs for packagedata collector
2017-12-26 01:48:48 Windows Mac
master 49dade4d
Bring back debug msg
2017-12-17 12:32:41 Windows Mac
master c7ee1a0b
Fixed issue with loading assembly version info.
2017-12-17 12:21:11 Windows Mac
master 6632b658
Trying to permafix ctd issue
2017-12-17 11:40:33 Windows Mac